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How the Grinch Stole...Red and Green Christmas Cupcakes

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These are some cupcakes that I CAN share the recipe of...because I made it up (well mostly)...

These cupcakes are super cute and Christmasy! AND they are SUPER EASY!
These cupcakes reminded me A LOT of How the Grinch Stole Christmas...hence the name.


The cake is a cake mix based cake. I used half of a funfetti cake mix (since I only needed a small batch)... I added 3 eggs and then instead of the oil and water that is says to add on the box I added milk and melted unsalted butter (in the same amount).

Then divide the cake mix putting half of it in a separate mixing bowl. Color half of it green and half of it red with food coloring.

Then here is the cool part... Use a cupcake batter divider. Place the divider in the middle of the cupcake slot. Using a spoon fill to about 2/3- 3/4 full on each side (one side with the red batter, and one side with the green batter). This is messy at first (so keep a paper towel handy) but eventually you will get the hang of it!

You can get a cupcake batter divider HERE on amazon (it looks like this). Or I just happened across mine at my local grocery store! (and it was much cheaper there!- so keep an eye out!)  It's decreased in price on Amazon since I bought mine!

Unfortunately the frosting recipe I cannot share... I used a recipe from this book... (I know... AGAIN!!)
It is a light fluffy frosting recipe perfect for kids (and it makes enough to frost 24 cupcakes!

The recipe I used is the "Whipped Grocery" recipe from this book.
It is delicious... I so wish I could have eaten all of it! (except it is not dairy free so that would have been a really bad idea...) but I just COULDN'T STOP "taste testing" it! mmmmm...

I am in love with this book... plus it is the most adorable ever...
You can buy it HERE.

I made these for my little Church class of 6 year olds that my husband and I teach every Sunday.
They LOVED them! and your kids will too! 

Plus... did you know... SANTA loves cupcakes too?!

Merry Christmas!! and Happy Holidays!
Hope you enjoy making some treats and goodies this Holiday Season!

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  1. Your cake looks gorgeous! I love the sprinkles, the ice-cream toppers, and the flavor of the buttercream - YUM!! I totally agree with you that sometimes baking needs to just be EASY.

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