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I'm dreaming of a...A Red Velvet Christmas

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The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is...

By making Christmas Cupcakes!

These first Christmas Cupcakes are fondly named "Velveteen Christmas" they are a traditional Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting decorated festive for the Holiday Season. 

These were a hit at my Church Christmas Party!

The recipe comes from The Cake Boss himself! Buddy! 
You can buy the book HERE.
There are a lot of great classic recipes in this book and a lot of tips. He even shares how to pipe those cute flower cupcakes they make at the bakery. Most of the tips in this book though are for actual cakes, not cupcakes. However, the recipes are great for either.

My tip for this cake recipe is to bake it for MUCH less time than it says in the book (also it will make more than 24 cupcakes). The recipe doesn't have a baking time for cupcakes and mine were slightly overdone (but still delicious). I would start them at 20 min and then see where you are... If a toothpick comes out clean when you insert it in the cupcake or if when you touch the cupcake it doesn't leave a dent, then they are done! 

Still super delicious and very fluffy on the inside though.

The frosting was the best cream cheese frosting I ever made! Ugh! I wish I could share it with you! It comes from this ADORABLE book again... Frostings.... seriously I want to be Courtney Whitmore! ... she is adorable!

You can buy the book online HERE.

I have only made two recipes from this book so far. Both of them were AMAZING! I love this book, and it is hands down the MOST ADORABLE book I have ever seen... I highly recommend it for anyone on your list who loves baking or especially frosting!

Like I said, the cream cheese frosting recipe from this book was the best one I ever made.... I will be using this recipe from now on!

THE BOWS...Are probably my favorite part of these cupcakes! (even though the actual cupcake is amazing as well)... I happened across the bows at my local Walmart. They are the perfect mini bows for cupcakes! They came in a pack of ten that cost 97 cents (pretty sure)... AMAZING! and Perfect for Christmas Cupcakes!

More Christmas Cupcakes coming soon!


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