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Oreo Truffle

I know... Cami's Cupcakes does cupcakes... not TRUFFLES!

But, I decided... what the hey! I had made Cake balls before (from disastrous looking cupcakes...) and they tasted AWESOME (of course!) but let's face it... they looked less than extraordinary...

But these, I'm pretty stinkin' proud of! and they were SUPES EASY!

I've definitely been feeling the stress of school already this semester, and the freezing icy cold is NOT helping at all (thanks for asking...yea... I think I'm coming down with something)...
Anywho... after spending all week in class and studying (18 credits does something to everything else in your gets rid of it, that's what!) and all day today studying with my cute hubby... I decided that he and I needed a little break tonight... Pizza (my favorite food), a movie (the Avengers), and a new dessert (OREO TRUFFLES!)

So remember the Cami's Cupcakes MILK'S FAVORITE CUPCAKE? aka OREO CUPCAKES from a while back?? whelll.... in honor of those delicious babies I decided to call these  

These were the best thing I could have made tonight... these Oreo Truffles took me about 30 min tops to make (not counting the freezing wait time which isn't really that long anyways.)

Here's how... I found the recipe on this site then did a little to make it my own. SOOOO here goes.

(I halfed the original recipe and made 12 oreo truffles)

Here's what you need...

18-21 Oreos (regular stuffed)
4 oz cream cheese
melty white chocolate
Peanut butter chips (optional)
baking sheet
parchment paper/wax paper

1. Finely crush 18 Oreos in a food processor (or a plastic bag with a rolling pin- but I REALLY recommend the food processor!)- and when I say FINELY crushed I mean it!!
2. Using your mixer (or a bowl and a spoon) thoroughly mix the Oreo crumbs and cream cheese until everything is Moist (i know I hate that word too... so sorry...)
3. Using an ice cream/cookie dough scoop, scoop 1" balls of deliciousness onto a baking sheet covered with parchment/wax paper.
4. Take those messy looking balls and use your hands to roll them into nice looking balls (the best you can!)-- here's a clip for tips!
5. Freeze them in the freezer for as long as you want (the other recipe says 10 min is good- I froze mine for longer because I was studying but just until they are dipping ready.
6. Melt white chocolate in 30 sec increments (stirring in between). Using a long toothpick for a fondu fork dip the balls in the chocolate (see the clip in #4 for more how too).
7. Then I crushed the other 3 Oreos, melted the peanut butter chips, drizzled the truffles with the melted peanut butter chips and sprinkled with Oreo Crumbs...

Then freeze them for a little more until the chocolate is all the way hardened. And then you can stick them in mini cupcake wrappers to make them look super cute!

USER WARNING: Don't smile right after eating these... you will have black, but happy, teeth! 

Best of Luck!

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  1. These look Devine! I'll get you those pics of the baby shower cupcakes, AND I'll get you your cupcake carrier back!