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These magically delicious specimens of cupcake awesomeness come from the scrumptious marriage of chocolate and peanut butter..... 
These Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes, affectionately called "Reese" are a delectable blend of chocolate&peanut butter cupcake, with a rich and creamy chocolate&peanut butter frosting... and in the inside.... is a special surprise! shh! (ok fine- I'll tell you... it's a mini Reese's Cup!)

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately...) the frosting for these cupcakes was just too darn thick and lush for me to pipe it on the cupcakes.... Luckily, these bad boys domed so perfectly on their own, that much else wasn't needed to make them beautiful!
ps. according to my great roommate... these cupcakes are WAY too good to pass up!... and I would have to agree! ;)

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